Basic Facts

I was working with Jenny today at her school, and she was telling me that the problem she has with Number Knowledge is that children do not know their basic facts and this is throughout the school.
She wanted to create flash cards quickly, so I suggested making them in PowerPoint.
Choose the Title Only slide from the Slide layout.
external image title.jpg
Drag the title bar down so it is in the centre of the slide.
external image number+name.png
Type in the number sentence, insert a square shape from AutoShapes (Shapes).
Resize everything so it fits in the slide
external image duplicate.pngexternal image slide.jpg
Click on the slide in the Slide Panel, press Ctrl D (Command D for Apple) to duplicate the slide.
Change the numbers and box around, repeat once more until you have 3 slides.
Shift click all 3 slides and then duplicate. Change all the numbers. Repeat this last step until all of the Flash cards have been made.
external image print.jpg
When printing make sure you select the Handouts - Slides per page 6
Cut out, write the answer on the back, laminate and bag the cards.

external image slideshow.jpg
The PowerPoints can be used as a computer activity as well. Duplicate each slide and type in the answer, resave as an activity. In Normal view, students click on the box and type in the answer or in Slideshow View they can use the pencil to draw the answer. The next slide will have the answer for them.
external image answers.jpg

Make a series of cards and games and organise them into
  • Doubles (to 10) (more than 10)
  • Bonds to 10 (creates 10 i.e. 7 +3, 6 +4),
  • Combinations up to 5, (a total less than or including 5)