Tile the Floor

Find the area

Area Partners

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Find the Area of the shapes
Area Explorer

A maths dictionary, select Area from the list

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Finding area of a compound shape

Area of triangles (Hard)

Finding the area of the rectangle

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Area counting


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Perimeter Explorer

A maths dictionary, select Perimeter from the list

Adam Ant basic intro to perimeter

iPad Apps

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Geoboard (Free for iPod/iPhone; Free for iPad)

Also available as a website

Perimeter Rap

Perimeter and Area Rap

Area and Perimeter


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Design a Party

using your knowledge of area and perimeter

Find the Area and Perimeter

Find the area and perimeter
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Compare Area and Perimeter

Airlines builder

Area, Perimeter and Volume

These are resources I developed for a Year 5 and 6 class.
Students did the pretest and in consultation we analysed and decided what their learning needs were.
Students then had to organise their learning time, taking into account that their assessment task would take at least 2 days.
Students could then work their way through the activities according to what were their major needs (Area, Perimeter or Volume)
It was compulsory to complete a certain number of tasks for each section.
Each task clearly stated what could be used to complete it. There was a variety of equipment available.

These are the workshops that I started off with students and they continued to run them. They played through a projector and students managed and ran them. Students had their maths books and they did the activities together both in their books and on the screen. Students could choose to opt in or they might have been suggested to attend by me. I was able to work around the classroom with individuals and keep an eye on the workshop as well. If I saw a problem at the workshop I would step in, otherwise I worked with individuals, pairs or groups as needed.